At CardioQinetics Heart Clinic, our philosophy is to offer comprehensive cardiac care from prevention to rehabilitation.

Even though we are proud of our successful track record of interventional treatment in many heart conditions, interventions are just the first steps of a progressive journey to improve and enhance your overall cardiovascular health.

Our in-house specialists, led by Dr Joshua Chai, will provide you with a complete CaRe (Cardiac Rehabilitation) package - to expedite your recovery, and to help you regain your cardiovascular fitness. Importantly, our CaRe package works in conjunction with our Preventive Cardiology programme to reduce your risk of future cardiovascular event.

Cardiac rehabilitation (CaRe Programme)

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Unique to CardioQinetics, we pride ourselves in providing a full comprehensive cardiac service from prevention to rehabilitation - thanks to our strong collaboration with our dedicated team of Chartered Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals at our sister clinic PhysioQinetics.


Preventive Cardiology

Why is preventive cardiology important?

A significant proportion of cardiovascular disease could be preventable. Simple measures such as screening blood test for lipid profile, diabetic control, blood pressure and heart rhythm surveillance could play an important role to save lives and prevent cardiovascular comorbidities. 


Coronary stent implantation (PCI)

What is coronary stent implantation?

Coronary stent implantation is also known as coronary angioplasty or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). It is a well established minimally-invasive procedure to treat heart artery disease. Narrowed heart arteries can be dilated using balloons and a metal scaffold (stent) implanted to keep the artery open.


Precision PCI guided by physiology and intracoronary imaging

What is precision PCI?

Precision PCI is a term used to emphasise the importance of evidence-based treatment (stenting) strategy that is guided by coronary physiology (Is this narrowing truly restricting blood flow?) and lesion morphology (Is this narrowing dangerous and at risk of causing heart attack?)


Complex PCI including CTO and calcium modification

Why are some procedures more complex?

When heart arteries became completely blocked for a period of time (can be weeks, months, or years), it can be technically very challenging to open up the occlusion. These complex procedures require a special set of skills, equipment, and expertise to perform. Some blockages can become hardened with calcium, making balloon dilatation impossible. In such cases, special tools and techniques are required to perform successful stenting treatment.


Electric cardioversion

What is electric cardioversion?

When the heart goes out of its normal regular rhythm, sometimes it is necessary to "reset" the heart. Electric cardioversion is a procedure where an electric current is passed through the heart muscle to allow the heart's intrinsic regular rhythm (normal sinus rhythm) to resume and take over again.