Heart jigsaw diagnosis piece

CardioQinetics Heart Clinic offers a range of cardiac investigations to our patients.

We pride ourselves in our "one-stop" clinic approach that avoid unnecessary repeat visits or delay.

Many tests can be performed within our dedicated clinic on the same day, or to be arranged the following day at our partnering private hospitals.

Blood test

Common reasons for blood test:

To look for blood / biochemical abnormality to aid diagnosis

To check for response of treatment / monitor potential adverse effects

As a routine screen before certain further investigation for safety reasons


ECG (Electrocardiogram)

Common reasons for ECG:

To investigate symptoms of chest pain / breathlessness

To look for heart rhythm disorder / conduction abnormality

To screen for evidence / suggestion of heart muscle disorder / cardiomyopathy



Common reasons for echocardiogram:

To help as part of the investigation of chest pain and breathlessness

To assess heart chambers size and muscle (ventricular) function

To evaluate heart valves and to look for any narrowing or leakiness


Functional stress tests

Common reasons for stress tests:

To look for evidence of ischaemia (lack of blood supply when stressed)

To assess for viability of heart muscle (if part of the heart is still injured after previous heart attack)

To evaluate haemodynamic (heart rate / BP) response to exercise and its correlation to symptom


Rhythm monitoring

Common reasons for rhythm monitoring:

To look for rhythm disturbance as a cause of palpitation / dizziness / fainting

To evaluate day-to-night heart rate variation

To quantify burden of arrhythmia / certain rhythm phenomenon e.g. ectopics


Cardiac CT

Common reasons for cardiac CT:

To look at calcium and fatty deposits (plaque) built-up in the coronary arteries

To assess narrowing of coronary arteries as part of chest pain investigation

To gain further anatomical information e.g. aortic valve / root / aortic dimension


Cardiac MRI

Common reasons for cardiac MRI:

To assess heart chamber size and function

To evaluate heart muscle tissue characteristics in various conditions

To gain further anatomical information about other cardiac structures


Invasive coronary angiogram

Common reasons for coronary angiogram:

To look at narrowing of coronary arteries as part of chest pain investigation

To confirm and further assess findings after abnormal stress tests

As part of routine work-up for cardiac / heart valve surgery


Right heart catheterisation

Common reasons for right heart catheterisation:

To directly measure pressures within the heart chambers

To estimate pressure in the lung and connecting blood vessels

To look for abnormal connection (shunting) between heart chambers